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Chapter5: Applications of Integration

Chapter6: Calculus of Transcendental Functions

Chapter7: Techniques of Integration

Chapter8: Further Applications of Integration


8.1Polar coordinates

8.2Arc length

8.3Surface of revolution

8.4Exponential growth and decay

8.5Moments and center of mass

Chapter9: Function Approximations

Chapter 10: Infinite Series

Chapter 11: Numerical Integration

Chapter 12: Vectors in Two and Three Dimensions

Chapter 13: Partial Derivatives

Chapter 14: Multiple Integrals

Chapter 15: Vector-Valued Functions

Chapter 16: Vector Calculus

Chapter 17: Differential Equations

Appendix A: Animations

Appendix B: Business Examples

Appendix C: Complex Numbers

Appendix D: Matrices and Determinants

Appendix E: Engineering Examples

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